Pierced @ The Beach

What up Dreamers?!

Finally put the Jar-Of-Inspiration in Action! and I stuck to it!

Yesterday I decided “Hey why not pull some inspiration from the jar today?” Right before heading out the door- to pick up my friend Karlie. We were going to go to the beach a couple of towns over. I was just hoping for something easy to accomplish, seeing as I’d be busy getting my tan on all day… sure enough I pull a medium task!


I knew exactly what I wanted done, but didn’t have the courage to do it a year ago! So while at the beach, after getting a wicked tan (which eventually resulted in burns!) we walked the shops and found a tattoo/piercing place! I was super excited and nervous at the same time.. I talked the piercer'(who BTW was a big, bald , tatted and pierced man.. even his head was super tatted up!)ear off.

I asked him nervous questions like “Do you have you navel pierced?”( his answer was “does it look like I have my navel pierced?”) “Did your head tattoos hurt?” “Do you want me to take my other belly button ring out?”.

He looked at me with a face of annoyance and said “Do you want to do this or not?”

Soon after all that dreamers; I was sitting in the chair staring at a bar (not a pretty belly button ring.. it wasn’t over yet!) through the bottom of my bellybutton.. and I could have puked..

But all said and done .. I’m happy I did it! Spur of the day decision, no planning! What a rush! 


I absolutely love it! I can’t wait till it heals and I can put a pretty belly button ring in!


What a great start to the summer !

xo Molly

Bagua Grid

Maybe a month back I felt like my life was getting a little.. disorganized.. so I felt the need for a positive change!

I went to chapters that day seeking for a typical positive “self-help” book, and I came across a beautiful and fun covered book. Not too long and looked exactly what I was looking for. The title was “Be that girl”, and that’s exactly what I wanted to be ,“that girl”!



“Ignite your Passion, Organize Your life, & Embrace Freedom!”

So I bought the book , expectations low, seeing as I couldn’t possibly expect a book to change my life.. especially not instantly! but when I started to read it, I changed my mind. The book was demanding. Which was exactly what I needed! When the author Tina O’Connor told you to do something, she would explain why and demand you to do it in that moment !!! which i did, and i did improve my life, by changing my mood and becoming more inspired.

One of her chapters explains organization.


positive space =positive mood.

It was probably my favourite, she introduced the basics of feng shui.. which I’m going to share with you dreamers!

Dreamers, you may not believe in Feng Shui, but the idea is really neat! you change your space based on the flow of energy in that room .below is a basic Bagua Grid, take a close look !



How it works;

Draw out the layout of the selected room (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room ect.) and split it up into 3 rows and 3 columns ( making 9 even squares). One of the 3 bottom squares should have the door to the room. now as you can see each square has its own energy and how to allow the flow of that energy easier! example: the middle square is good fortune;it’s element is earth and its colour is earth tones and yellow. So that means it would be a good idea to put a plant or at least an earth tone rug in the middle of the room!

Heres my own Bagua Grid that I did while reading “Be that girl” by Tina O’Connor!


I felt more organized as I went through the sections of my bedroom and reorganized and de-cluttered! This was to add more things to help the energy flow better of course. I realized that things in my room were placed in spots because they had no purpose in my room (meaning they had to go). After the rearranging and organizing I felt happier and even more inspired(hence starting a blog!).

That’s just the basics though, if you’d like to know more, I encourage you to take the time and become an expert! I also encourage and suggest you read “be that girl” by Tina O’Connor, it was very real, very inspirational! Hope you dreamers get a chance to try it out!


Try something new!

xo Molly



Wonderful Wednesdays!


Hey there dreamers!

Todays Wonderful, Wacky, and Weird way to celebrate the mid-week day is by.. DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN 

Telling you all about my little cactus child!!cactusCollage

I’m about to show all of you my Mommy Molly” side dreamers!

I don’t have a great green thumb, but I like the idea of growing something from a seed and taking care of it! They become something so beautiful! Unfortunately, I’m always forgetting to water the poor things! I’ve had a couple unsuccessful tries at being a “plant parent”,So my mother resorted to buying me fake flowers and putting them in a pot , it’s the same idea right?

Back in January I was at Ikea with my bestie just for the hell of it. We roamed every isle, and we eventually roamed around the Ikea plants. I was drawn to the cacti because they looked so bad ass! we both looked at iesle other and were like

“yup were getting one!”

We spent the whole car ride home deciding on names for our new cacti children. We finally decided to name them after greek goddesses (because their so badass too). She named hers after Aphrodite, the goddess of love,beauty and sexuality. While I named mine after Asteria, the goddess of stars, prophetic (Prophetic- Accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future) dreams, and necromancy (practice of communicating with the dead). The communicating with the dead part is a little strange but other wise its pretty cool

Asteria is just so cute! I must say that I found my fit plant though, I only need to water her maybe twice a month and put her out in the sun! She’s a beauty, she’s even grown 3 cm since january! I’ve changed her pot about 3 times now ! I needed to find the perfect pot for my baby cactus! She’s such a sweetie! She’s even cuddled with my cat.. yes I repeat, cuddled with my cat! I found one of my cat’s whiskers attached to Asteria!


{poor kitty probably didn’t enjoy that snuggle!}

Work on your green thumbs dreamers!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

xo Molly

Wonderful Wednesdays!


Let’s Celebrate !

Hmmm.. Weird and Wacky and Wonderful...

I got it!!



I’m almost and etch-a-sketch PRO!

It all started when I used to spend my weekends at a cottage with my family when I was younger. This cottage was full of games and stuff for my brother I to do together. I was all for it! playing games and hanging out with my younger brother sounded good to me. But not to my brother..he preferred to pretend he was an only child.. so he’d ignore me, and go fishing and what not. After accepting this fact, I would try to find things to do on my own; tan, listen to music, nap and read. Then In the games cupboard I found a classic red etch-a-sketch (a little beat up, but still good!) so I spent the weekends of the summer on the dock or in the sun room practicing this etch-a-sketch! I got really good quickly!

A Year later My little brother bought me a brand new pink etch-a-sketch for my birthday! I guess he was thinking that way he could ignore me at home too ! 

So I think this qualifies as Weird, Wacky and Wonderful.. don’t you?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

xo Molly

How To- Jar Of inspiration

What are you Dreamers up to this summer?

Just hanging around the house? Taking it day by day?

Well no need to be Bored and NOT take advantage of the Beautiful Summer Sun!

This idea might just solve all your summer problems! This idea is called “The jar of Inspiration”. A beautiful mason jar decorated to your taste full of inspirational ideas to do this Summer, & to pick at random!

Dreamers; this is how I created mine!

This is what you’ll need;



  • “Tint It” spray paint (bought at a local craft store)
  • Mason Jar
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun sticks (back up amo)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A pen or marker
  • Glitter glue (if you wish)


  1. What you’ll need to do first is take the lid off your mason jar. Using the Tint It spray (shake first), evenly spray the jar.. it’ll take about 15 minutes to dry. Spray as many layers as you wish to make the colour as dark as you like.paintedmason
  2. After the jar dries, pick your ribbon dreamers, anything that makes you feel happy and creative!
  3. Using you’re hot glue gun, glue the ribbon how ever you want on the jar, make a bow maybe? jarwithribbon
  4. Now let the jar sit for a while, lets focus on the content! Take those cue cards and cut them into strips big enough to write on, but small enough to fit in the jar.cuecards
  5. On those strips, write everything and anything you want to accomplish this summer! examples may include; Rollarblading, Rock Climbing, Going to a Concert or even read a book!writtencuecards
  6. Now fold up those pieces-of-inspiration and put them in the jar! Put the lid on it and; shake, shake, shake!!postsomeinspiration
  7. Then pick a start and end date. Complete all of them before your end date and feel like you’ve accomplished an amazing summer! jarinhand

Go out and enjoy your summer Dreamers! I know I will!

xo Molly

Takin’ care of the Bug!

Hey dreamers!
Today I thought I’d clean my bug’s “contact lenses” (headlights) .. They were gettin’ a little foggy !

Oh Wait .. Did I say I did it ? I meant my crusty boyfriend ♥( he’s a tad bit grumpy today)




Hehe now they’re all clean and sparkling!
Take care of your rides dreamers!

Xo Molly