What is Pieces-Of-Inspiration?

Pieces-Of-Inspiration is where you go when you’re feeling in need of some inspiration.

It’s where you go when you’re feeling down about your day and need a pick me up, or having a good day but want some more positive vibes!

To me the definition of Pieces-of-Inspiration is taking inspiring things from other places and bringing them together to make a positive scrapbook.IMG_1381

Pieces-of-inspiration all started just after I had a change of life style. I was unhappy with the way I spoke and acted towards myself and others. I was negative and unhappy. It was hard to change my mind set – but once It became habit i was on fire. I found energy and inspiration to be creative. I appreciated myself and others.

Negativity is the worst quality- in my opinion for someone to possess. It not only makes YOURSELF unhappy .. but everyone around you. elephants

Inspiration isn’t only for being creative, inspiration can be used as a mood lifter and overall quality of life booster. 

Pieces-of-inspiration encourages others to be happier, more creative and chase their dreamers.Be a Dreamer.

                                                          xo Molly


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