Pierced @ The Beach

What up Dreamers?!

Finally put the Jar-Of-Inspiration in Action! and I stuck to it!

Yesterday I decided “Hey why not pull some inspiration from the jar today?” Right before heading out the door- to pick up my friend Karlie. We were going to go to the beach a couple of towns over. I was just hoping for something easy to accomplish, seeing as I’d be busy getting my tan on all day… sure enough I pull a medium task!


I knew exactly what I wanted done, but didn’t have the courage to do it a year ago! So while at the beach, after getting a wicked tan (which eventually resulted in burns!) we walked the shops and found a tattoo/piercing place! I was super excited and nervous at the same time.. I talked the piercer'(who BTW was a big, bald , tatted and pierced man.. even his head was super tatted up!)ear off.

I asked him nervous questions like “Do you have you navel pierced?”( his answer was “does it look like I have my navel pierced?”) “Did your head tattoos hurt?” “Do you want me to take my other belly button ring out?”.

He looked at me with a face of annoyance and said “Do you want to do this or not?”

Soon after all that dreamers; I was sitting in the chair staring at a bar (not a pretty belly button ring.. it wasn’t over yet!) through the bottom of my bellybutton.. and I could have puked..

But all said and done .. I’m happy I did it! Spur of the day decision, no planning! What a rush! 


I absolutely love it! I can’t wait till it heals and I can put a pretty belly button ring in!


What a great start to the summer !

xo Molly

3 thoughts on “Pierced @ The Beach

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