Bagua Grid

Maybe a month back I felt like my life was getting a little.. disorganized.. so I felt the need for a positive change!

I went to chapters that day seeking for a typical positive “self-help” book, and I came across a beautiful and fun covered book. Not too long and looked exactly what I was looking for. The title was “Be that girl”, and that’s exactly what I wanted to be ,“that girl”!



“Ignite your Passion, Organize Your life, & Embrace Freedom!”

So I bought the book , expectations low, seeing as I couldn’t possibly expect a book to change my life.. especially not instantly! but when I started to read it, I changed my mind. The book was demanding. Which was exactly what I needed! When the author Tina O’Connor told you to do something, she would explain why and demand you to do it in that moment !!! which i did, and i did improve my life, by changing my mood and becoming more inspired.

One of her chapters explains organization.


positive space =positive mood.

It was probably my favourite, she introduced the basics of feng shui.. which I’m going to share with you dreamers!

Dreamers, you may not believe in Feng Shui, but the idea is really neat! you change your space based on the flow of energy in that room .below is a basic Bagua Grid, take a close look !



How it works;

Draw out the layout of the selected room (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room ect.) and split it up into 3 rows and 3 columns ( making 9 even squares). One of the 3 bottom squares should have the door to the room. now as you can see each square has its own energy and how to allow the flow of that energy easier! example: the middle square is good fortune;it’s element is earth and its colour is earth tones and yellow. So that means it would be a good idea to put a plant or at least an earth tone rug in the middle of the room!

Heres my own Bagua Grid that I did while reading “Be that girl” by Tina O’Connor!


I felt more organized as I went through the sections of my bedroom and reorganized and de-cluttered! This was to add more things to help the energy flow better of course. I realized that things in my room were placed in spots because they had no purpose in my room (meaning they had to go). After the rearranging and organizing I felt happier and even more inspired(hence starting a blog!).

That’s just the basics though, if you’d like to know more, I encourage you to take the time and become an expert! I also encourage and suggest you read “be that girl” by Tina O’Connor, it was very real, very inspirational! Hope you dreamers get a chance to try it out!


Try something new!

xo Molly