The Yellow Bug Is Back & Ready To Roll!


So excited to say that…

My Bug is back home & all fixed up!

Today was the first time i’ve drove it since ‘The Bad Day’, It felt fantastic!

We’re taking it slow though.. The Bug and I- I think my car might still be mad at me… (for god knows what!)

I got him into the drive way and cleaned him right up, Wash & Wax included of course

Just a way of saying sorry I guess, I missed him so much! 

So now the bug is cleaned inside and out, waxed and has new air fresheners, Sweet Pea!

Can’t Wait to drive to work tomorrow!

Night Dreamers!

xo Molly!

The Crap Bug.

I Just wanna start off with this.. 

Miss Molly had a VERY Bad Day!



I may have slept in till 1 in the afternoon, which was nice- But after I locked the door to leave the house.. EVERYTHING WENT DOWN HILL. Continue reading

Takin’ care of the Bug!

Hey dreamers!
Today I thought I’d clean my bug’s “contact lenses” (headlights) .. They were gettin’ a little foggy !

Oh Wait .. Did I say I did it ? I meant my crusty boyfriend ♥( he’s a tad bit grumpy today)




Hehe now they’re all clean and sparkling!
Take care of your rides dreamers!

Xo Molly

It’s A bug thing!

In January of 2014 I purchased my first car, a used 2000 yellow VW Beetle. It was exciting to call it my own, as well as the fact that I love punch buggies! They’re adorable and tiny, easy to park and it’s just like driving a go-cart! (They’re pretty fantastic on gas as well).I “decked out” my yellow bug with a girly pink dream catcher on the rearview mirror , an assortment of 3 (fake) Gerber daisies; polka dots, black, pink and yellow, and on the back window I have my little stick famjam! (my cat, my boyfriend and I…adorable right?).

So anyways, my question is this : Is there anything that beetle owners do that’s “quirky” to greet one another ? Like how jeeps will do a little wave to acknowledge one another? I’m still new to being a bug owner so i can’t quite figure it out! But what I have noticed is I feel a strange force to park next to other Punch Buggies! I thought maybe that was it? But they could quite possibly be doing any of the following (see list below) and I’m just not noticing it.

  • wave when they drive past each other
  • give a little “hey” nod
  • quick honk
  • Park beside one another
  • flash their headlights

I thought the best thing to do was to research this thought.Yes.. I Googled(Google knows everything right?), I don’t want to look like a fool out there around my beetle friends!

My Research had told me that owning a VW Beetle is like joining a club.There are tons of VW events, meetings and get togethers to admire one anthers VW’s and socialize ..  interesting! But most importantly; The answer to my question is they wave! not just a little lift the top of you hand from the steering wheel “salute” though …A full “Hey I see you !” wave! (awee how sweet!)

I’m so thrilled knowing this, because I am going to wave to all my buggy friends now! But I’m also curious if parking beside one another is a thing too? i couldn’t quite find an answer for that one. From personal experience though; I’ve had other Beetles park next to or around me in a parking lot, as well as i have felt the need to do the same .They are just so darn cute next to one another ! I’ll Further my research and let all you dreamers know what I’ve dug up!

xo Molly