How To- Jar Of inspiration

What are you Dreamers up to this summer?

Just hanging around the house? Taking it day by day?

Well no need to be Bored and NOT take advantage of the Beautiful Summer Sun!

This idea might just solve all your summer problems! This idea is called “The jar of Inspiration”. A beautiful mason jar decorated to your taste full of inspirational ideas to do this Summer, & to pick at random!

Dreamers; this is how I created mine!

This is what you’ll need;



  • “Tint It” spray paint (bought at a local craft store)
  • Mason Jar
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun sticks (back up amo)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A pen or marker
  • Glitter glue (if you wish)


  1. What you’ll need to do first is take the lid off your mason jar. Using the Tint It spray (shake first), evenly spray the jar.. it’ll take about 15 minutes to dry. Spray as many layers as you wish to make the colour as dark as you like.paintedmason
  2. After the jar dries, pick your ribbon dreamers, anything that makes you feel happy and creative!
  3. Using you’re hot glue gun, glue the ribbon how ever you want on the jar, make a bow maybe? jarwithribbon
  4. Now let the jar sit for a while, lets focus on the content! Take those cue cards and cut them into strips big enough to write on, but small enough to fit in the jar.cuecards
  5. On those strips, write everything and anything you want to accomplish this summer! examples may include; Rollarblading, Rock Climbing, Going to a Concert or even read a book!writtencuecards
  6. Now fold up those pieces-of-inspiration and put them in the jar! Put the lid on it and; shake, shake, shake!!postsomeinspiration
  7. Then pick a start and end date. Complete all of them before your end date and feel like you’ve accomplished an amazing summer! jarinhand

Go out and enjoy your summer Dreamers! I know I will!

xo Molly


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