Dovetailed Denver

Where’s Denver?

Now you might be thinking “Its in Colorado- Dummy!”  … and in that case I’d be thinking” Thanks for the information dreamer! I wouldn’t have known that if it wasn’t for you!” – But thats not exactly the context I’m accrediting to.

“Denver”- as in our devil one moment , angel face .5 seconds later kitten! She’s adorable, mischievous and OURS. I’ve had baby for for years – since I can remember even, so my boyfriend doesn’t physically feel that forever bond I have with her! But he does love her, I mean everyone does… even cat haters (Weirdos- who hates cats? A cat’s purr literally relaxes your soul!).

Over the christmas holidays we watched my co workers gigantic grey cat- his name was Lincoln- yes dreamers, like the car!

This cat is seriously HUGE, like the size of a small toddler… maybe even the size of two toddlers!!! ok over dramatic, but this cat is at least the size of a standard pillow- width wise and length dreamers. So we watched this cat for 3 weeks and after he returned home our small attic apartment already habituated  with 1 cat, a fish and a hedgehog- felt empty. My boyfriend really wanted another cat to replace the space that Lincoln left behind.

img_0587So on the hunt for a kitten -searching the SPCA, Street cats and many weeks on Kijiji later, We found the perfect little free grey kitten. I trusted jake to pick one out on his way home from work- while I was working late. He did excellent! he was up to the task thats for sure, he came home with Denver, half grey domestic tabby, half bengal (she has the cutest faded grey bengal spots on her side). Her first night with us and she was exploring the apartment, using the box, sucking up to baby and greeting us with kisses.

NOW its been almost a month and a half and she fits perfectly in our little zoo family!! She does bad things like wake us up at 3 am playing with out feet or kissing our faces- but you can’t be made because she’s just too damn precious! She snuggles baby so much that its disgusting- and they play fight so its keeping her young! Denver also plays with the hedgie- on more than one occasion i’ve caught little Denver in the hedgehog cage doing god knows what… lol 


She also has the most expressive eyes- mischievous, yet adorable- she eats our souls right up. Denver runs the house thats for sure.

Whoever says a cat cannot enhance your life – clearly never found the right fit oh a kitty for they’re purr-less life.

Enjoy your day dreamers. 


    xo Molly

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