Wonderful Wednesdays!

Happy Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

I don’t know about you… but I love Wednesdays! Not only does it mean one more day of pouring coffee (To get my well deserved 2 days off) but it means the week its self is half way over! To celebrate this, I believe it is necessary to be weird and wacky!

So Here is to my weird and wacky side..


Overall Collage


you may be asking yourself:  “how is this weird and wacky?”

well do you own 4 pairs of overalls? and wear them as much as possible without people thinking you don’t have any other articles of clothing?

If you do own 4 or more pairs of overalls then you’re pretty cool in my books, and I think you’d agree with me when I say they’re pretty comfy! am I right? Also to have people recognize you have a wardrobe and are still able to wear them like ALL THE TIME is impressive too! So congrats.

{“Timbit” (Tim Horton’s Humour) of advice to all you overall models; DO NOT try to pee in a bush wearing overalls… there’s just too much going on!}


Have A Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

xo Molly


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesdays!

  1. yes, I live in my overalls and have more than 4 ! 🙂 they are comfy and just the best thing to wear all the time ! overall greetings from Niels

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