About Molly

About me” has to be one of the most difficult things for one to answer

    You have to think ” what am I all about ?” , ” what’s my life about ?” Or ” what do I do that makes me .. Well.. me ?”. I don’t want to just spit out a bunch of stuff that no one cares about or come across as super self-centered So let’s start with the basics ; my name !img_2360   

My name is Molly Briar (yes like the ice cream!) and I’m 22 years old living with my childhood sweetheart in a once small town that is slowly becoming the next Toronto. I have a 14-year-old black cat named baby that I am absolutely convinced will live forever ( knock on wood !) , A 1/2 bengal kitten named Denver– who has the most expressive eyes, the grumpiest of hedgehogs named Jupiter and last but not least- “kitty” our betta fish who lives in the bathroom with his pretty rainbow. I spend most of my days expressing my love by cooing “baaaaaaaabe” across the house at my boyfriend.

  img_0833I used to work at one of the most popular coffee joints in Canada- Tim Hortons until the beginning of October 2014- in which I moved up in this world to pursue one of my life long dreams of working in a pet store! I loved it! My best friends were cats and the customers (mostly dogs) that visited me were always so happy to see me!! I loved my job and what it meant to be a “pet expert”- I was always learning!

NOW, Im working in a big fancy Dental office, thriving as a spit sucking, x-ray taking, patient pleasing dental assisting! I graduated my courses in October of 2015, achieved a job immediately after in a small office and moved up to the big fancy office I’m in now 10 months later. The practice I work in is a learning experience and a half- just when I think ‘ve got a handle on things, the practice prospers and there is something completely new to learn! Always keeping me busy! Floss the teeth you want to keep y’all!

    Speaking of learning; I love to read – as silly as it is I love the chick flick novels and self help books that make you feel positive and motivated after reading them. I love the smell of old books and the feel of certain pages- I will admit I am subject to the horrid judging a book by its cover, (this is only because I am attracted to bright colours!) but i am trying to change my ways because I know that the best book don’t always have the most appealing cover.dsc07606

    My first car was a yellow punch buggy (who in fact was the devil in disguise, also known as “the death trap”). It was the cutest car, which assisted me and my bestie in many adventures and forever improved our problem solving skills. After 2 winters this beautiful car was forked over to my younger brother to use as a derby car for exactly 2 months. I upgraded to a VW Golf, its a little more “boxy” than what I was used to – but we must consider the safety accountability in comparison. PLUS the Golf has a sun roof and amazing sofa seat – Perfection for long road trips (this has been proven!).

 img_8130I’m a big fan of interior design, My boyfriend always entertains my crazy ideas and custom dreams for our future forever home. We currently rent a loft/attic apartment- slanted roof with nooks and crannies (my dreams 20 somethings home, small but adorable!). I love doing creative projects and crazy things with my best friends, this includes buying a Richard Simmons 80’s “dance the pounds off “work out video , just to do on a Tuesday night! or taking the back roads home – but not actually knowing where the heck we are going- arriving home several hours later (regular occurrence dreamers!)

        I’m creative ..but painting is my kryptonite !!( takes too long to dry… and I’m impatient! ). I love to scrapbook and do crafty projects. I live just to make things beautiful and sparkly !

…And last but not least I’m a Dreamer ! I have so many dreams and I plan to make them reality by turning them into goals !

So If you’re a dreamer just like me … I’m sure we’ll get along just fine .

                                                             xo Molly

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