Wonderful Wednesday!

I’m So SO SO Happy It’s Wednesday!!!

I’m Too excited for Weird & Wacky, let’s just get to the Wonderful!

EEEP! 2 More days Till Camping in Pancake Bay!!!

That’s why i’m celebrating today! One more day of work Then BAM, 4 am on friday morning i’ll be on an 8 hour drive to Pancake bay … Where we’ll be eating pancakes of course! haha

Why are you celebrating today dreamers? 


XO Molly


Wonderful Wednesdays!


Hey there dreamers!

Todays Wonderful, Wacky, and Weird way to celebrate the mid-week day is by.. DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN 

Telling you all about my little cactus child!!cactusCollage

I’m about to show all of you my Mommy Molly” side dreamers!

I don’t have a great green thumb, but I like the idea of growing something from a seed and taking care of it! They become something so beautiful! Unfortunately, I’m always forgetting to water the poor things! I’ve had a couple unsuccessful tries at being a “plant parent”,So my mother resorted to buying me fake flowers and putting them in a pot , it’s the same idea right?

Back in January I was at Ikea with my bestie just for the hell of it. We roamed every isle, and we eventually roamed around the Ikea plants. I was drawn to the cacti because they looked so bad ass! we both looked at iesle other and were like

“yup were getting one!”

We spent the whole car ride home deciding on names for our new cacti children. We finally decided to name them after greek goddesses (because their so badass too). She named hers after Aphrodite, the goddess of love,beauty and sexuality. While I named mine after Asteria, the goddess of stars, prophetic (Prophetic- Accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future) dreams, and necromancy (practice of communicating with the dead). The communicating with the dead part is a little strange but other wise its pretty cool

Asteria is just so cute! I must say that I found my fit plant though, I only need to water her maybe twice a month and put her out in the sun! She’s a beauty, she’s even grown 3 cm since january! I’ve changed her pot about 3 times now ! I needed to find the perfect pot for my baby cactus! She’s such a sweetie! She’s even cuddled with my cat.. yes I repeat, cuddled with my cat! I found one of my cat’s whiskers attached to Asteria!


{poor kitty probably didn’t enjoy that snuggle!}

Work on your green thumbs dreamers!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

xo Molly

Wonderful Wednesdays!


Let’s Celebrate !

Hmmm.. Weird and Wacky and Wonderful...

I got it!!



I’m almost and etch-a-sketch PRO!

It all started when I used to spend my weekends at a cottage with my family when I was younger. This cottage was full of games and stuff for my brother I to do together. I was all for it! playing games and hanging out with my younger brother sounded good to me. But not to my brother..he preferred to pretend he was an only child.. so he’d ignore me, and go fishing and what not. After accepting this fact, I would try to find things to do on my own; tan, listen to music, nap and read. Then In the games cupboard I found a classic red etch-a-sketch (a little beat up, but still good!) so I spent the weekends of the summer on the dock or in the sun room practicing this etch-a-sketch! I got really good quickly!

A Year later My little brother bought me a brand new pink etch-a-sketch for my birthday! I guess he was thinking that way he could ignore me at home too ! 

So I think this qualifies as Weird, Wacky and Wonderful.. don’t you?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

xo Molly

Wonderful Wednesdays!


It’s that exciting day once again, the day to celebrate the mid-point of the week! WOOT WOOT!!

It’s so wonderful, because once again I’m going to celebrate today by showing my weird and wacky side!

so what could be more weird and wacky than my overalls obsession?

well.. you know how some people are utterly disgusted by feet?



I actually think some are kind of cute! I even have a pair of feet earrings!

I don’t see anything gross about a normal pair of feet.. they’re just skin and bones! It’s not even a social taboo to have your feet showing (normally).

You can; paint your toenails to make them pretty, and clean and moisturize them to make them smell good!

( Don’t get me wrong.. I may consider them disgusting if the owner doesn’t take care of them!)


xo Molly

Wonderful Wednesdays!

Happy Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

I don’t know about you… but I love Wednesdays! Not only does it mean one more day of pouring coffee (To get my well deserved 2 days off) but it means the week its self is half way over! To celebrate this, I believe it is necessary to be weird and wacky!

So Here is to my weird and wacky side..


Overall Collage


you may be asking yourself:  “how is this weird and wacky?”

well do you own 4 pairs of overalls? and wear them as much as possible without people thinking you don’t have any other articles of clothing?

If you do own 4 or more pairs of overalls then you’re pretty cool in my books, and I think you’d agree with me when I say they’re pretty comfy! am I right? Also to have people recognize you have a wardrobe and are still able to wear them like ALL THE TIME is impressive too! So congrats.

{“Timbit” (Tim Horton’s Humour) of advice to all you overall models; DO NOT try to pee in a bush wearing overalls… there’s just too much going on!}


Have A Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

xo Molly