It’s A bug thing!

In January of 2014 I purchased my first car, a used 2000 yellow VW Beetle. It was exciting to call it my own, as well as the fact that I love punch buggies! They’re adorable and tiny, easy to park and it’s just like driving a go-cart! (They’re pretty fantastic on gas as well).I “decked out” my yellow bug with a girly pink dream catcher on the rearview mirror , an assortment of 3 (fake) Gerber daisies; polka dots, black, pink and yellow, and on the back window I have my little stick famjam! (my cat, my boyfriend and I…adorable right?).

So anyways, my question is this : Is there anything that beetle owners do that’s “quirky” to greet one another ? Like how jeeps will do a little wave to acknowledge one another? I’m still new to being a bug owner so i can’t quite figure it out! But what I have noticed is I feel a strange force to park next to other Punch Buggies! I thought maybe that was it? But they could quite possibly be doing any of the following (see list below) and I’m just not noticing it.

  • wave when they drive past each other
  • give a little “hey” nod
  • quick honk
  • Park beside one another
  • flash their headlights

I thought the best thing to do was to research this thought.Yes.. I Googled(Google knows everything right?), I don’t want to look like a fool out there around my beetle friends!

My Research had told me that owning a VW Beetle is like joining a club.There are tons of VW events, meetings and get togethers to admire one anthers VW’s and socialize ..  interesting! But most importantly; The answer to my question is they wave! not just a little lift the top of you hand from the steering wheel “salute” though …A full “Hey I see you !” wave! (awee how sweet!)

I’m so thrilled knowing this, because I am going to wave to all my buggy friends now! But I’m also curious if parking beside one another is a thing too? i couldn’t quite find an answer for that one. From personal experience though; I’ve had other Beetles park next to or around me in a parking lot, as well as i have felt the need to do the same .They are just so darn cute next to one another ! I’ll Further my research and let all you dreamers know what I’ve dug up!

xo Molly