Valentine’s Day Special<3

Happy Valentine’s Day Dreamers ! 

    Bat those lashes and be happy – maybe        someone will throw chocolate at you! 

It worked for this guy 😏

Valentine or not ! Know that you are loved! The love bug just hasn’t bit you in the bum yet! 

Let your love hypnotize others through your eyes dreamers<3

                                                   Xoxo Molly 


Takin’ care of the Bug!

Hey dreamers!
Today I thought I’d clean my bug’s “contact lenses” (headlights) .. They were gettin’ a little foggy !

Oh Wait .. Did I say I did it ? I meant my crusty boyfriend ♥( he’s a tad bit grumpy today)




Hehe now they’re all clean and sparkling!
Take care of your rides dreamers!

Xo Molly