The Crap Bug.

I Just wanna start off with this.. 

Miss Molly had a VERY Bad Day!



I may have slept in till 1 in the afternoon, which was nice- But after I locked the door to leave the house.. EVERYTHING WENT DOWN HILL.

I locked the door to my house.. and jumped into my bug. I was on my way to my friend’s house to pick her up and go to the mall.When I started backing out of the drive way and heard my bug making a grinding sound. I Pulled out and found it super hard to steer! 


I get to my friend’s house and told her- So we popped the hood, and she judged what was going on- It was my power steering fluid.. WOOHOO. We went on a long, difficult steering journey to Canadian tire to google, and to manual how to fill the power steering thing on my bug. While all this was happening a bunch of perves parked next to us and laughed and stared at us for 30 min. Then a man and his daughter on a motorcycle pulled up next to us, and right away he asked if we needed help. 10 minutes later we were on our way to the mall. I was SO HAPPY! fixed that problem lets move on with the day!

We go shopping and we’re all happy- until its time to leave .. i go to start my car and I don’t have a key! 


My car key broke off my the key button thing in the mall (its one of those keys that you press the button and it pops out). UGHHH . BEST DAY EVER. (JK) So my friend and I retraced our steps and asked all the store employees. 


Another 30 minutes of no sign and lost and found checking, My friend called her boyfriend to give us a ride home.. I had to leave the bug behind. I waited for my boyfriend to get off work and told him about the day I’ve had. He brought me back to the mall to look further. We walked into the mall and right pass the doors he bends over and picks something up. He gets back up and turns to me and gives me the broken key, “Here ya go” he says. Like it was that easy.


I lost my S***. I was so happy! I jumped on his back and smothered him with kisses!!! I couldn’t believe he found it (right at the door!!!) 

We go back to the parking lot to start my bug… and ya wouldn’t believe it-



So It’s 6:45 pm and we couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t start, so we went to get jumper cables.Then even with jumper cables it wouldn’t start!!!! How freaking frustrating. So we hooked it up to a Battery Charger for an hour. It started but barely made it home because the power steering was leaking like crazy! 


Wouldn’t you say that cry over worthy? well i’m happy to say I kept it together and laughed it all off until I realized all the repairs ill have to pay for.. yikes.


I’ll be spending my paycheques on my car rather than shoes for a while..

On a Happy Note, I got a new cactus baby, ill update y’all when i figure out a name for him/her!


What was your day like? Hope you dreamers had a better day than me.


xo Molly






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