So Dreamers, 

This is my official apology to you all, 

“I am sorry I dropped off the face of earth”

Of course this wasn’t on purpose, In september I started College! How exciting right? well it is to a certain degree,

I’m excited to be working towards a career – But now ONLY BEING A MONTH into the program I’m taking; I am SO STRESSED and have cried more tears than I have ever cried in my entire life! This Crap is hard! But its working towards another dream of mine! I call it the “SMILE CAREER”.

Yes, I am in a dental Program – In exactly one year i will be a dental assistant ! Doing fillings, taking x-rays, Assisting in root canals and suctioning other peoples spit!  WOOHOO !

How exciting! But since its only a 1 year program, they compacted this program so much i can barely keep up! so stressful , so hard, so much work – but I hear all of it will be worth it (if i make it!)

I must say though i have learned ALOT in the last lets say .. 2 months , I feel smart … kinda 

Looking at this experience in a positive way – i can say I am working towards a goal

           A goal that was once a dream, and was only a wish until I started to make it happen! 

btw… Have a Wonderful Wednesday Dreamers!

xo Molly


CAN•KER; An Ulcerous Condition or Disease


Dreamers, I have a Question for you!

My Question is this-    Ever get that annoying sore on the inside of your mouth that makes it hard to eat or speak?’

…sometimes it rubs on your teeth and stings like crazy?

Well I’m sure to make an educated guess and say that it might have been a canker sore! 

( The definition I got from (above) is a lot scarier sounding than it is!) cankers are actually pretty common from preteens to the end of your 20 somethings.

Now you’re probably Wondering Why I would post information on canker sores, like who am I ? A Doctor ?  Yup just call me Doctor Molly! (sarcasm dreamers). Haha!

But the reason is this dreamers.. I am literally SUFFERING with the amount of cankers I have gotten this week! they are so painful, & it looks like I have a fat lip because they have decided to cluster just under my top lip!

Greaaaat, Molly is strutting the free Botox look these days .. 



What is a Canker? & What Does it look like?

A Canker is a round painful sore on the inside (outside is called a cold sore/herpes) of your mouth (cheek, roof, tongue, etc);

White or Grey on the outside of a red sore/cut like spot. It can be a multiple of sizes but there are two conditions of it; Simple and Complex. Simple Cankers are the cankers you get a couple times a year, Complex are the ones that keep coming back for more. Once you have the complex type, apparently you’ll just always get them!

*That sucks, pretty sure I have the complex type*



The causes of these canker sores are unclear – but a big one is..


It’s usually the stress balls that will end up getting these lovely sores in their mouths, making them want to become mutes and starve themselves (I know I do with mine!!!) Another few causes are; dental devices (braces, mouth guard, dentures,etc) & citrus foods. Also that one sharp snuggle tooth you got hiding in your mouth could also be a key cause to you sores!

There are also other complex causes such as Crohn’s Disease, and multiple deficiencies ( B-12, iron, zinc and folic acid to name a few).

Some Symptoms?

Some symptoms will include the obvious sores themselves, but also you may have a canker sore if you have a burning/ stinging /painful spot in your mouth (first stages of the canker sore).

Some severe canker ‘attacks’ may include;

  • Fevers
  • Physical Sluggishness (like seriously! I’m experiencing this right now!)
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes


WooHoo For Treatments!

I am so happy there are gels and mouth washes out there for Canker sores! They are a pain in the butt, so getting rid of them as fast as possible is ideal.

  1. There is the Classic Salt and Warm water rinse; I suggest doing this 24/7 until it disappears
  2. If you’re a roughy; you could take a q-tip and wet it, then dunk it in pure salt– apply to the canker if you are brave… ouch!
  3. Go to the store and look for a mouth wash you can use (specifically for mouth sores) after you eat or drink, this will clean the canker to help it heal faster! Colgate has a good oral sore product, doesn’t sting too much but still cleans it and feels better afterwards.
  4. Gels, There are gels that you can spot treat your sores, if you know where they are! When applied the gel will coat the sore and protect it from further infection. It stings when applied but as it dries the gel should numb it. I suggest using the oral gel brand, I’ve used it for mine and it works great!


So I Hope you all feel educated enough about Canker Sores! because that’s really all I have..

If you would like more information… As a ‘Doctor’ (NOT REALLY) I suggest Googling it! Be a Googler- expand your horizons!

Take care of you’re Mouths Dreamers!


XO Molly