Wonderful Wednesday

Hey Wacky, Wonderful, Weird, Witty,  and Wanderlusted people it’s Wonderful Wednesday once again!

Today we celebrate the strange things that make us individuals, special and unique.

My motto;

“You can “pull off” anything you have the confidence to wear”

Now you’re thinking why is this weird, dreamers i’m not going to lie- its not.

But it is something wonderful.

I have friends that greet me in the morning saying things like ” I wish I can wear overalls like you” or “I wish I can pull off an outfit like that molly” – Well why the hell not?? Why can’t you wear that hat you want to wear? because you are afraid of people judging you for it? It’s not they’re skin that has to touch that velvet material, or their head thats wearing that ginormous floppy hat blocking view creating a dangerous environment- am I right dreamers?img_3165

Just fill your closet with clothing that makes you happy; orange and yellow dresses, feather shoes, furry vests and wacky sunglasses that fits your cravings for originality!


Do me a favour and keep that in mind dreamers.

xo Molly



Wonderful Wednesday!

Hey Dreamers!

It’s Wednesday, so lets get this started up again .. Wonderful Wednesdays!

Celebrate your weird and wacky side – because you are in fact wonderful, and Wednesday is hump day so thats pretty fantastic!

      This Wednesday i’d like to share our obtainment of Jupiter. “Jupiter” , or “Jupie” is our pet hedgehoq, which we acquired just after thanksgiving weekend. Before this I never thought of having a hedgehog… but once i saw her little grumpy face i knew i was hooked, she was a ball of prickly cuteness!!


She’s grumpy, she’s cute and that classic grumpy hedgehog “smile” is classic. 

    Of course before “acquiring” this new pet, my boyfriend and I did some significant research to confirm we could take on this miniature porcupine.. and in my studies I came across the hedgehog community. Did you know that there is a hedgehog convention? Which in fact lands you a place in the secret hedgehog society if you win first play? SAY WHAT!? Once jupiter is fully socialized.. this will be a “thing” in our household!!

     Jupiter came to us very skittish and since thanksgiving we’ve upgraded her cage using an old dresser- this allows her two levels of full hedgehog freedom, she’s litter trained  (Which is excellent, because I swear hedgehogs just don’t stop pooping. like ew.), is quite social and likes one of our cats! The goal was to let her roam around the house and be BFFs with the cat, but frankly she’s a pooping machine so thats not happening.

OH which is also why we don’t keep her wheel in her cage, we’re slowly training the grumpy hedge to not poop all over her wheel! EW. 


So moral of the jibber jabber is .. hedgehogs are cute, prickly, and poop way more than expected!!

oh.. and there is a hedgie secret service!


Any wacky animals habitating in your household? feel free to share!


Happy Wednesday!

                                                                                                    xo Molly