Wonderful Wednesdays!


It’s that exciting day once again, the day to celebrate the mid-point of the week! WOOT WOOT!!

It’s so wonderful, because once again I’m going to celebrate today by showing my weird and wacky side!

so what could be more weird and wacky than my overalls obsession?

well.. you know how some people are utterly disgusted by feet?



I actually think some are kind of cute! I even have a pair of feet earrings!

I don’t see anything gross about a normal pair of feet.. they’re just skin and bones! It’s not even a social taboo to have your feet showing (normally).

You can; paint your toenails to make them pretty, and clean and moisturize them to make them smell good!

( Don’t get me wrong.. I may consider them disgusting if the owner doesn’t take care of them!)


xo Molly