I find I have to remind myself of this..ALOT

I admit I am a HUGE Procrastinator,

I never get anything done dreamers! If you’re a Procrastinator just like moi, then this picture quote is directed right at you. If you think of something you must do and should do, then just do it (right that second)! the tv, computer or whatever other distraction can wait! (that’s my main problem .. dang internet!)

Because if you keep putting that task off; it’ll either be forgotten about or just kept getting put off. The time you do get around to it will be never. 

{Timbit (Tim Hortons Humour) of Information: If you’re a Procrastinator and have a hard time completing tasks on time(like me) then try this; MAKE A LIST! this is like your own encouragement! once you complete a task you get to cross it off! which makes you feel great and accomplished. you can write the list out all neat and pretty so you really appreciate it, and don’t look at it like just a piece of scrap paper.I would even write down things you’ve already accomplished that day so you get motivated quickly (you feel like you’re on a roll) }

Get ‘R’ Done Dreamers !

xo Molly


2 thoughts on “DO IT NOW!

  1. Perfectly said.
    I am a perfectionist, and often the act of seeking perfection in everything I put out into the world leads to a fit of un-productive procrastination. I have to remind myself that that Something is better than Nothing. I have to remind myself that a typo here or a crookedly-captured photograph there, or a stitch that is slightly out of place is better than nothing at all: no words, no images, and no knitwear.
    It takes a bit of re-training, but it yields the most authentically created bits of beautiful shards of humanity.
    Keep doing what you do best, and don’t stop being you. Because you are creating something wonderful 😀

    • Now that was perfectly said ! Thank you for sharing that ! Very inspirational lee-ann! Being a perfectionist may have its down falls but it also has it ” perfect moments ” everything you make or do is beautiful .

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