A Good Samaritan!

Today I went to the LCBO with my bestie and we had witnessed a man stealing a shopping cart belonging to the LCBO!

Normally , I admit , I would just ignore this source of stupidity .. Seeing as it’s just a cart. BUT the older gentleman who was cashing us out had noticed and started to get a little annoyed. I jokingly asked him if he would like me to run him down and beat him up to get the cart back … He laughed and then in a serious tone had told us if we were going in that direction if we could tell him that the LCBO would like their cart back.

My best friend looked at me with a face that said ” yay .. Looks like we’re chasing down a cart ..” ( most enthused sarcastic face ever ).

We had driven out of the parking lot in search of the man with the cart! We noticed him up the street and he started running, he was sprinting with the cart! Then we noticed another man sprinting about 10 yards behind him ! Holy moly ! So my best friend pulled over and I jump out of the car , I was trailing the second man running. As I passed him, his face was stunned.. He must have been wondering why I was running so fast. Then I started to yell at the first man with the cart .. I was yelling ” hey hey ! You with cart ! Stop or You’ll regret it when I catch up “ He turned his face to me and it was priceless .. he looked like he was genuinely scared of me! But he didn’t stop running. So I started to run faster ! I caught up quickly and stuck my foot right in between his and tripped him! (At that point I was super out of breath!)

So the best I could do to make him regret making me chase him; was to kick him where it hurt most !!

He was crying on the ground like a little baby and I started lecturing him about; how stealing carts at his age is not only wrong but super immature. He just stared up at me in defeat. when I looked up, I saw my bestie pull up in her car laughing . We Loaded the cart in the back of her car and headed back to the LCBO. We pulled back into the parking lot of the LCBO and popped open the trunk to get the cart out. My bestie was NOT impressed with all the stares we were getting (it looked like WE STOLE the cart) 


So I brought that cart inside and right to that older gentleman and told him EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED..

“we got out of the parking lot and saw some man running for his life after the man with the cart who was also running .. after a bus that is. So they ditched the cart and jumped on the bus, and after the bus left I snatched the cart and put it in the car. Here’s your shopping cart, have a great day!”

SO incase you dreamers didn’t “catch thatI did not chase down the man with cart.. and kick him where it hurts.. I simply made the story more exciting by saying so! (everything in blue is true)



Hope this inspires all you dreamers to do something nice for someone today!

xo Molly


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